Lately, I have been doing a whole lot of thinking…. Did you know we are expecting?   I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog.  But, well, as you can imagine,  it’s pretty much consumed my brain for the past few months. It’s one of the main reasons blogging has taken a backseat. Since finding out we are expecting our third, I’ve been feeling like I’m entering a different season of my life again. It’s a time that has me thinking about where I want to be a few years from now. One of those thing I’ve been thinking about is this business, and where I intend for it to go.

I picked up a camera to document my children and our family in a unique way… to tell our story to them the way only I could tell it. Then I started this business, a business that has grown organically I might add. I chose to keep things simple — not a lot of advertising, word of mouth referrals, etc. I let it develop naturally and I’ve been blessed to have you all along for the ride. But somewhere along the way, I’ve let the business side distract me and drain me from why I chose to pick up a camera in the first place! I’ve let all the other things — the comparing my work to others, the stress about whether a client would like their portfolio, the pricing guidelines, yada, yada, yada, drain me of the love of the craft.     When I was first starting out, I had little direction. I just clicked away, trying to learn the nuances of the camera. I began to be drawn to light, and angles, and scenery in a whole new way. Anything and everything was a potential subject.  And thankfullly, somewhere in there, I found my own sense of style.   Can I just say?  I want to get back to that! I want to just start shooting for me and my family again.  I want to WANT to pick up my camera again!    There are others that blend these two worlds so beautifully — the business and the personal.  I am unfortunately not one of them, and I have got to admit that!  I know some of you will understand what I’m talking about and sympathize with me (I hope).

So, I guess that is the decision I have finally come to — coming back to myself and the love of the art. I’m not completely closing shop. My plan is to offer a part of me and my vision a little more.  I’ve let the client dictate the sessions more than I should have and I want to change that a little.  My plan is to offer some creative shoots and mini-sessions along the way… something that allows me to feed my creative side, yet creating some art for others.   I’ll be updating my blog as well, but I can’t promise it won’t be a ton of personal posts 🙂 I just feel the need to take a break from the strictly business side for a time. Besides, the most important work is behind these four walls and raising these beautiful children I’ve been blessed with.  Let us be honest, though — I also know my energy will be all over the place in the coming months. Having a baby in your late thirties is no joke. But I hope you will all continue to follow along. Your words are an encouragement always, and appreciated more than you know!   I love sharing my work here with everyone.  It’s my own personal art gallery of sorts and I’m always humbled that people continue to follow along.   I can’t have a post without  photos, though, so I’m ending with these recent favorites of my daughter…..

Regina - I am actually a fan. And also a part time photographer. I completely understand what you are going through. I focus so much on the business and then its not as enjoyable. My babies are my priority and then my art. I hope you find balance and fulfillment between the 2

Kate - I understand totally what you are saying. I breathed a sigh of relief though that you are not giving up the dream totally – just following it your way! Thank goodness because I am a big fan xx

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